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Pearl dew aquatic plant planting base
Pearl dew aquatic plant, also known as Saxifraga rosea, is a plant of the family delphinaceae, and its English name is cyanontis arachnoid ea c b Clarke. Beta ecdysterone is a natural plant steroid component. Its efficacy is to promote collagen synthesis, resist arrhythmia, and resist fatigue. Promote cell growth, stimulate dermal cell division, and eliminate cholesterol in the body; Reducing blood fat and inhibiting blood sugar increase; Dredging meridians, removing dampness, relieving pain, and other physiological activities.
After many years of experimental development, the company has established its own cultivation base for aquatic plants since 2008. at present, the planting scale has reached more than 8,000 mu and the annual yield of medicinal materials has reached 1,200 tons. Xingjiexiang pharmaceutical co., ltd. has become an exclusive pharmaceutical company in China from cultivation of original medicinal materials to production of finished products. Production management strictly implements GMP standards to meet the needs of various industries in the market and provide quality and appropriate products for different customers.